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Drizzly Nature Walk – Sam Smith Park


highbush cranberry.jpg

Highbush cranberry

Today’s nature walk with Miles Hearn took place right in my neighbourhood, at Colonel Sam Smith Park. It was a drizzly morning but the temperature was moderate and comfortable. I didn’t bring my notebook and I restricted photography to those times when the rain stopped or almost stopped.

The park is beautiful on a rainy day and we enjoyed a most interesting walk. There were several varieties of ducks around, including wigeons, identifiable by the white stripe on their heads.



Another interesting bird we came across was a mockingbird, over by the yacht club.



I didn’t expect to see any mushrooms today and was surprised when Miles pointed out some large and very old Dryad’s saddle.


old Dryad’s saddle

There is quite a bit of Knapweed in the park. My (made up) story is that it was named after a long lost relative.



In the same area we saw some Blueweed, also known as Viper’s bugloss.

viper's bugloss.jpg

Blueweed or Viper’s bugloss

There are some different oaks in the park. This one with the lovely fall colour is the pin oak. Look at the little pins protruding from the leaf tips.

pin oak.jpg

Pin oak

Miles pointed out a tree I’ve walked by I don’t know how many times without ever know what it was – a Swedish whitebeam.

Swedish whitebeam.jpg

Swedish whitebeam

I’d like to feature one additional very striking plant with bright yellow berries – Bittersweet.




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