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Nature Walk – Humber Bay

Today’s nature walk with Miles Hearn took place at Humber Bay. sky.jpg

It was a cool day, and though at times the sky was threatening, there was no rain. I was unable to photograph two of the highlights of this walk – a coyote and a peregrine falcon. However, I was able to take a number of good shots of other things.

humber bay.jpg

We saw great blue heron at least 3 times during the walk. I don’t know if it was the same or different birds. By the way, Miles was able to identify 26 species of birds this morning. You can see his complete list in his nature walk report. gbh1.jpg

Here are some additional heron photos…





I arrived at the location early (what else is new?) and went for a pre-walk. The lake was quite rough when I got there, but over the next hour it calmed down significantly.




At Humber Bay, honeysuckles and autumn olives grow together in many places and Miles showed us the two side by side so could see the differences.

honeysuckle vs autumn olive.jpg

honeysuckle on the left, autumn olive on the right

In the next shot you can see the difference in the bark.

hon vs ol 2.jpg

autumn olive on the left, honeysuckle on the right

There is a good variety of ducks at Humber Bay. Here are some of the ones we looked at today.



And finally, here are a few more plants we stopped to look at. I’ve labeled them all….








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