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Community housing

It occurred to me that the mature spruces out back (we have several of them) are excellent potential winter owl habitat. I know owls show up just a few blocks away at Sam Smith Park, and I know that some owls, such as screech owls, don’t mind being around human habitation. For all I know, we’ve had owls out there and I just haven’t noticed them.

A little Googling taught me that some owls will move into an owl box. Normally they use cavities in trees or sometimes used woodpecker nests, but lots of people have had owls roost and nest in boxes. I thought, hey I’ll try that. I can make one from wood I have lying around. And so I did. I read that owls like it if you provide a few inches of leaves or wood chips in the box, and I provided that too.

I mounted the box in one of the spruces at the back of the property, about 15 feet up. Apparently it isn’t necessary to get your box way up in the tree. I read that anything above 10 feet is fine. Who knows if I’ll get any owl visitors, but it will be fun to check the box regularly and see if anyone moves in.

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