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The Birds of Winter

Tuffy P came across a book called The Birds of Winter by Kit & George Harrison at a thrift store a few days ago, and brought it home because we really enjoy the winter birds around our backyard feeders throughout the winter.

Although the photography section is somewhat dated (film cameras), and there are only a few pages of colour photos and many mediocre quality B&W photos (+ some fair line-drawings), this book contains plenty of good information.

It breaks down the winter birds we’re likely to see into groups, talks about their feeding habits and migration, with notes about attracting them in the backyard environment. It’s a fast read, and I learned a number of things going through it – perfect at thrift store prices. I think there are plenty of more attractive books out there with equally good information, plus the internet and especially YouTube provides resources for the new bird enthusiast which simply didn’t exist 3 decades ago when this book was written.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    A thrift store that handles a lot of books is a real joy. I especially like it when I buy a hardcover book that has a big price sticker on the front cover that reads $29.99 and I’m paying 50 cents. I can usually find a half dozen books that I want to read every time I go into one of these places and my total bill is about the price of a coffee and a donut. When I get finished with them I donate them right back to the store where I bought them.

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