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Boxing Day in the park

I suppose some people are out trying to find some Boxing Day bargains today. For me a walk was in order after two days enjoying lots of rich food, so I wandered out to Sam Smith Park. Grey morning, light breeze, temperature above freezing.

I’m making a point to pick up some garbage each time I visit the park. I don’t mean I’m going to obsess about trying to get all the litter, just that I’m going to make an effort to remove at least 10 pieces of litter each time I visit. It is not like it is a difficult task. Around the parking lot, for instance, there is a remarkable amount of litter each day – but there are coffee cups and water bottles and beer cans in other areas of the park as well. Today I removed 18 pieces of litter. My challenge to park users – and not just this park, but your local park too – is to do the same. Take a couple minutes to do your part to keep the it clean. I find it staggering that people can visit a gorgeous park like Sam Smith and throw their crap around.

The most interesting bird I saw today was a kestrel. I saw this small bird of prey in 3 or 4 different spots, usually perched on the tip of a fairly low tree, checking out the lunch buffet.

As usual there were plenty of mute swans around…

There was still some witch hazel in bloom in a couple areas of the park.

I saw one morning dove in the park. I usually see them in pairs and I suspect its mate was not far.

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