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Late afternoon in the park

It was such a beautiful afternoon, we decided to take The Partners for a good walk in the park. Earlier in the day when I was there, there was a snowy owl sitting on a plastic storage box on one of the yacht club docks. There was no sign of it on the docks when we came by with the dogs, though. We decided to take a walk up the spit of land which creates the yacht club harbour.

A few moments later, we saw the owl as it took to the air and flew around the yacht basin. It landed for a few seconds on top of a tree then took flight again. It was almost twilight and the owl appeared as a dark silhouette soaring around the basin before again landing at the tip top of a tree.

This all happened very quickly. After another minute or two the snowy took to the air again and soared over to the docks, landing on a white storage bin. Today marked the first time we’ve seen the owl in flight.

One long-lens birder we spoke to told us he believed there were 3 different snowys frequenting the park, two females and a male I think he said. I don’t know if this is true or now, as I’ve only seen one owl at a time in the park. I think the owls I’ve seen this season, which have had strong salt and pepper markings, are females.

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