1. We used to see the odd house finch around the feeder, but this year there are several, and when they’re feeding they seem to integrate pretty well with the house sparrows. The nuthatches and the chickadees like to stay in the spruces. fly over to the feeder, grab a seed and fly back with it.

  2. LOVE house finches…for years on McCaul across from OCAD we had hanging fuchsia baskets on our balcony where several years of house finch families built their nests…so we had so much singing and baby feedings and flying lessons…early mornings for me when they were about to fly away…They were not anxious while we kept the plants well watered–around the nest–which grew as the babies grew . The poop created the extra space–5 eggs was the usual litter and began in late April. Never killed the fuschias. House finches downtown are now not very common. Our 2 house canaries are now our house finch replacements.

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