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Cold Frosty Morning

What a cold morning for a nature walk! Today I met up with Miles Hearn and our weekly nature walk group just down the street at Colonel Sam Smith Park. I bundled up well, with long johns, thermal socks, my old postal dock liner, a warm parka, warm hat, scarf, hood, boots and hand warmers.

Toronto’s yachting paradise??

I love the ice formations!

We saw lots of ducks and geese and some mute swans in what water was still open in this bitter cold.

Long-tailed ducks
Mute swan
Swans and Ducks
A raft of ducks

There is a feeder in the park which attracts many birds on days like today, including cardinals, house finches, house sparrows, chickadees and more.

Here’s the late Dave Hum performing Cold Frosty Morning….

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