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A Hidden Gem

Although I do most of our grocery shopping at our local No Frills, about once each week I venture up to Dixie and Bloor to shop and my fave Asian market, called Grants (yes there is a picture of General Grant on the sign, accompanied by some Chinese characters). It’s a great store. There is a little mall there but I never saw any reason to go past the grocery store.

That is, I never checked out the mall until last week when it was quite busy and I parked over at the north side and walked through the mall to get to Grants. I couldn’t help but notice there is a banh mi bakery in there. Last week it was right at lunchtime and the place was hopping, and I had already had lunch so I made a mental note and continued on. Today, I drove up there earlier, around 11 AM and there was just one other customer.

Last year when we traveled to Vietnam, among the highlights were the fantastic banh mi (Vietnamese subs). When I saw this place, not too far from home, I thought I’d better try it out.

They have a variety of banh mi on the menu, although when I got there they only had 3 of the menu items available. The sandwiches are not huge, but then again they are just $3.50 each. Since it was a scientific research mission, I felt compelled to try two different ones, one assorted and one sour pork sausage.

Admittedly, they were not as fantastic as the best banh mi we had in Vietnam (there was a hopping joint in Hoi An that served about the best sandwiches I had ever had), but they are none-the-less very tasty, with an assortment of veggies, some kind of spread, some hot stuff, fresh herbs, and an excellent baguette (crispy on the outside, softer on the inside). Very yummy. In the interest of reporting accurately for Twenty Seventh Street I’ll be sure to try the other varieties on future visits. The things I do for my readers.

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