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Winter walk – Lambton Woods

I bailed on the Wednesday nature walk to Scarborough Bluffs, concerned for safety driving with the ice pellets and freezing rain – but decided to join the Friday group today at Lambton Woods on the Humber River instead. It was a cold and windy morning, and with the thaw and freeze up over the past couple days, it was very icy indeed.

Austrian Pine

Some of the group had grippers on their boots and had no issue with the ice. On the other hand, I was sliding all over the place, and at one point somebody held onto me to keep me from sliding away down a hill. I decided I would not go home today without purchasing a set of grippers, so I stopped at Canadian Tire on the way home and bought a pair.

Common Mergansers

I used to think that all the robins took off for the south each winter, but I’ve learned this winter that many stick around where they have a reliable food source.

American Robin

There were several robins around today around an area of open water. What was really remarkable though, was not so much the robins but the skunk cabbage growing in February. I knew this plant came up very early and is known to actually melt snow around it as it emerges, but this is just February 8.

Robin with Skunk Cabbage

There is a duck pond near the parking area that still has a bit of open water and it is loaded with mallards. These mallards are used to some social assistance and when humans come near, they march towards us, looking for handouts.

Female Mallard with friends
Male Mallards
Scotch Pine Cone

There were plenty of woodpeckers out today, mostly downys but some hairys too. Here’s a downy we saw.

Downy Woodpecker

Mourning Dove
Female Goldeneye

Male Goldeneye
Herring Gull

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