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Lambton Woods

I enjoyed a solo walk this morning at Lambton Woods. This is a set of trails along the Humber River, accessed from the James Gardens parking lot. I was surprised to see some snow persisting in a few spots, and the trail was a bit wet and muddy in others.

As lovely as this spot is, I found some Tim Hortons cups discarded in the woods. This is a sore point with me. People go walking here because it’s such a beautiful place, bring a drive-through coffee along with them, then carelessly litter their cup for somebody else to pick up.

There were loads of birds around this morning. I was greeted by robins as soon as I got out of the car. I’ve never seen such a concentration of woodpeckers as I saw this morning – mostly downeys but I saw a couple hairy woodpeckers as well.

There is a railing along the path near the river where people put out food for the birds. Dark-eyed juncos were really enjoying this treat today.

I saw one blue jay. It was difficult for me to get a good photo of him sillhouetted against the grey sky.

There were the usual house sparrows around but I also saw this lovely sparrow with the yellow bits on his head. I believe it is a white-throated sparrow.

There were nuthatches….

….and cardinals….

….male red-winged blackbirds….

…..Canada Geese….

…and lots and lots of mallards.

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