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A walk in the park

I brought my camera with me for a walk in Sam Smith Park today. Not surprisingly, as this park is very popular among birders, there were several people out today with cameras and binoculars.

Northern mockingbird

As soon as I reached the bridge by the yacht club, I heard a Northern mockingbird, and quickly located it, and as I was snapping a photo I heard red-necked grebes laughing at me ahead.

Red-necked grebes

The Double-crested cormorants have also returned to the yacht club basin.

Double-crested cormorant

From the bridge by the yacht club, looking north, I saw a Belted-kingfisher in a tree. It was quite far away and tucked in among some branches, but I snapped a good enough picture for identification.

Belted kingfisher

There were plenty of red-winged blackbirds about, and grackles as well. And robins everywhere, as well as lots of cardinals, both male and female. I photographed a couple robins in flight.

There were still some winter ducks around, including long-tail ducks.

Long-tailed duck

There were lots of golden-crowned kinglets in the trees. These little birds can be difficult to photograph as they just don’t sit still for long.

Golden-crowned kinglet
female Cowbird

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