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A Hidden Gem

The other day Tuffy P pointed out a review of a little Alderwood lunch joint in the Etobicoke Guardian. It’s on Horner near Thirtieth and it’s called Cafe Tutti. I had noticed it driving by recently but hadn’t stopped in – but I had made a mental note to do so. It’s not big – I think there are 4 tables. I suspect much of their business is take-out but there were a few people in their enjoying lunch while I was there. The place is located in a little nook on the north side of Horner with a few parking spaces in front. I decided I had a duty to 27th Street readership to check out the place so I stopped by just before noon today while I was out running errands.

I had a veal sandwich with mushrooms and hot peppers, washed down with a chinotto beverage. It was an excellent sandwich with lots of yummy mushrooms, served on quality very fresh roll. Some other customers were there for pizza slices, and they looked great too.

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