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Yellow Warblers at Presqu’ile

The most common warbler I saw while camping at Presqu’ile was the Yellow Warbler. These birds were all over the place, but particularly concentrated in the area around the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula.

By the way, I’m fairly new at identifying birds so when you’re looking at my bird pictures and you think I’ve misidentified one along the way, please let me know. You’re probably right.


  1. There were fortunately a lot of birds there to photograph. I took many bad shots too. I need to become quicker at focusing manually. Lots of times I’ll see the bird but by the time I lock in on it and focus I’ve lost the shot.

  2. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    Just looked through all the photos from your trip. Some really fine shots of many different birds. Seems the new camera was a good buy.

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