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Camping at Presqu’ile

I’ve been away for a couple days, camping at Presqu’ile Park, near Brighton Ontario. I drove over there on Thursday, hoping to arrive and set up camp before the promised rain arrived. By the time I reached Port Hope, rain had started, but it stopped on my arrival at the park just long enough to erect my tent and a canopy and get my camp ready before the serious rain began.

It rained most of Thursday evening and all that night on and off (more on than off), and didn’t stop completely until 9:30 Friday morning. I chose Presqu’ile Park to camp at because it is a peninsula which juts way out into Lake Ontario. That means it’s one of the easiest places on the north side of the lake for a migrating bird to reach after a long flight across the lake.

There were in fact a lot of migrating birds, particularly at the tip area of the park. It’s easy for a guy with a camera to focus on the birds alone, but the whole area has a kind of scrubby, stark beauty about it, that I took lots of pictures featuring no birds at all (not to worry, bird pics are coming this evening). So, here is my non-bird Presqu’ile Park gallery.

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