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It’s just a rumour….

Now that the first issue of Squeeze Box Man (the graphic novel) is out, Jacob Yerex and I have been working hard on getting Issue #2 to press as soon as possible. There is a rumour going around, and it’s just a rumour, you understand – I’m not confirming anything – that there will be a very special cameo appearance in Issue #2. Who could it be?

If you haven’t got your copy of our first issue yet, it’s available at 2 quality comic shops, one on each side of Toronto – West End Comics at 1590 Queen St. W and at The Sidekick at 1374 Queen St E. $12. Both shops rock, so if you’re in the area, show them a little love. You can also get a great coffee at The Sidekick! Special thanks go out to George M for pointing me in their direction.

You can also order a copy by simply emailing $12 + $3 shipping (payment by etransfer). We’ll mail you out a copy right away. If you’re interested in purchasing all 6 issues, you can subscribe to the set for $60 and save yourself a few Canadianos.

To those of you who already have your copy, we would love to hear your feedback.


  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    i really love Jacob’s illustrations of your stories. They they bring to life your characters and settings in ways my imagination alone could not and add their own elements to the actual narration. Am looking forward to the future adventures of Lazy, Stash and the gang.

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