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Somebody is laughing at us

Tuffy P broke a pair of reading glasses. The little screw worked itself out and became lost in the ether, leaving the arm of the glasses to fall off. No problem, right? Our local drugstore has these little kits, with a tiny screwdriver and several tiny screws, each of which sits in a soft plastic sleeve to facilitate getting that puppy into the tiny hole.

Silly me, I thought my job was over once I brought home the kit. However, I discovered this morning that my mission also included the repair. OK, no problem. I opened the back end of the wee screwdriver and dumped the screws out onto the table. Then I started the 3-bears routine, looking for the screw which fits just right.

By this point, I suspect you’ve guessed – none of the screws fit. All but one were obviously too small. One almost fits. Almost? Yes, it’s just a tidge big. It looks like maybe it should fit but only doesn’t because I have hands the size of hams. Tuffy P tried too, but no love.

Then it occurred to me that this kit might just contain screws that won’t fit in any glasses, ever, and somewhere, somebody is laughing at us.


  1. vintageclark

    Had the same thing happen but I walked into Spadina Optometry (first time) and she spent at least 10 minutes–finding and then repairing for FREE!! Even polished the lens. Brought them new business as we then needed their professional service 3 weeks later. Go to your neighborhood place and see what happens.

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