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Kamayan feast at Tinuno

Tinuno is a Filipino restaurant located on Howard St, here in Toronto, in the Bloor & Sherbourne area. They basically serve Kamayan feast. What is that, you ask? Well, they serve a combination of grilled items, layed out on banana leaves. There are shrimp, muscles, squid, fish as well as bbq pork, ocra and eggplant, all on top of garlic sticky rice. In the corners there are piles of mangos and some orange slices.

The unusual thing about this eatery is that you eat these Kamayan feasts with your hands (you wear ultralight plastic gloves, which are provided). It’s simple grilled fare (with the exception of the skewered grilled pork, which has some kind of bbq sauce on it), nicely prepared and presented. It was all excellent. I especially enjoyed the grilled milkfish and the bbq pork skewers.

You need at least 2 people to get the feast (I don’t know what single diners do there) and the more people you have, the more grilled food they pile on. Dinner is $15/person, very reasonable for what you get. This place turns over a lot of customers. They were almost full when we arrived, but by the time we finished dinner, there was a line-up of people waiting to get in.

Tinuno isn’t the kind of place you sit around for a long time over drinks. Since the menu is so simple, you get served dinner fairly quickly after you sit down, and while there is a simple dessert menu, we were full after all that food, and headed on home after dinner.

If you plan to eat at Tinuno, make a reservation online. It’s a busy place, and for good reason – tasty food at reasonable prices. Recommended.

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