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The Don Valley in bloom

Today’s nature walk with Miles Hearn took place along the Don Valley. We met at the foot of Beechwood Drive, near the place known as Crother’s Woods. This area was named after the Crothers Caterpillar company which operated until 1979 on a site where a Loblaws now sits. They later moved up to Vaughan and are now called Toromont. My late father-in-law George Gregory worked for Crothers for many many years. He started in an entry-level position and worked his way up to VP.

Red Admiral Butterfly

This is a beautiful time of year to walk through this area, as there are so many wildflowers in bloom. I’m included pictures of several of them in this post. One of the first we noticed was Bindweed, the precursor to the flower we know as morning glory (not to be confused with the yummy Vietnamese green which also goes by that name).


Bird Vetch and Crown Vetch are not related, even though they share part of a name. We saw plenty of both this morning.

Crown Vetch

Those common whitish butterflies with the black or grey splotches are called Cabbage Butterflies.

Cabbage Butterfly

Canada Thistles present a delightful contrast between soft and prickly.

Canada Thistle

Male Cardinal

I learned today that female Staghorn Sumachs are the ones with the flowers turning red. The flowers on the males stay whitish.

Male Staghorn Sumach

Female Staghorn Sumach

This robin just enjoyed a bath in the river.

Wet Robin

Chicory is a reliable and very pretty wildflower, widespread in our area.


Creeping bellflower are pretty but can be invasive.

Creeping Bellflower

Catbirds were calling all morning….


Daisy fleabane…

Daisy fleabane

Lots of goldfinch around. This one was showing off close-by.


This Rose-breased goldfinch sang and sang. We finally spotted it.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak high in a tree

Common Milkweed



Bird on a wire….

Tree Swallow

The Timothy was loaded with pollen….


And finally, the very pretty St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort

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