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Bastard by Max de Radiguès

This graphic novel grabbed me from the first scenes and never let go. It starts out at a taco restaurant, where a woman named April (or is it May?) is recognized by an old friend. “I’m sorry but you must be confusing me for someone else”. She goes to a motel, where a youngster named Eugene (honest) is watching tv. She tells him “we gotta move”.

This is kind of a noir road graphic novel. Part of its success lies in its focus on the family relationship. It appears that a single mom and son are on the lam and the youngster is totally hip to what is going on – except the relationship is not exactly as it seems.

The clean and sparse drawings are very expressive and help drive the story forward, making this book a real page-turner. I’m looking forward to reading Max de Radiguès’ collaboration with Charles Forsman, Hobo Mom.

Bastard, by Max de Radiguès, 2018. Fantagraphics Books. Recommended.

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