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Kitchen Sink Banana Loaf

There they sat – 3 bananas, a day or 2 past their prime. Bonus: house-guests are on their way. Resist the temptation to toss those bananas in the freezer where they will sit until I do a freezer purge. The only reasonable thing for a house-husband to do is make some kitchen sink banana loaf. The first time I made this, I started with a recipe from Food Wishes on the YouTube as a basis and then each time after that I tried different things in it.


There are a few things required to make this tasty treat. You need about 2 cups of flour. You need some soft butter (or some vegetable oil in a pinch), some sugar (yes honey works fine too). You need 2 eggs. You need baking powder and baking soda. Oh oh….should be a teaspoon of each but I used the wrong measuring spoon and put in a half teaspoon of each. What will happen? Time will tell – it’s in the oven (in the back of my mind, I’m thinking oh crap, baking follows formulas – this promises to be a disaster). You need a bit of salt. Some vanilla is good too.

The other thing you need is anything else you like and happen to have in the pantry. I used a handful of chocolate chips, a handful of blueberries and lots of walnut pieces. I failed to measure any of these. You might also try some dried cranberries or some raisins. I never do it quite the same way twice.

This is a machine-free lazy house-husband’s banana loaf. Mix the dry ingredients together with a fork until you’re happy that everything is mixed together. In another bowl cream your soft butter and sugar together. Mush up your bananas with a potato masher and add them in. Mix in the eggs one at a time. Put the dry and wet ingredients together. Add all the extra stuff like blueberries, chocolate chips and nuts. Mix it together. No need to over-mix. I suspect bad things happen when you over-mix. Oh oh again….I think I was supposed to add a little milk to the mix but I forgot. Mea maxima culpa.

You could make one big loaf but I use two loaf pans and make two small ones. That way you can make friends and give one away. It’s a good idea to grease up your loaf pans. I used cooking spray, but however you want to do it is fine. Bake it up on a fairly low temperature, like 325F. It takes around an hour, but when it starts to look like it might be ready, you can poke it with a skewer and if it comes out cleanly, you’re good to go.

UPDATE: They’re out of the oven. I tested a wee slice for purely scientific purposes and the verdict is: YUMMY.

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