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Last weekend, Tuffy P went one-handed apple picking with a friend from work. She still had her cast on (it came off on Monday) but that didn’t stop her from coming home with loads and loads of the tastiest apples of multiple varieties.

What’s a house-husband to do with a surplus of apples? Today I cored, peeled and sliced a big pot-full of them and made applesauce 3 containers for the freezer and one to enjoy now.

In my mind there are a few things you can do to make a superior applesauce. The basic ingredients are apples, a bit of water, lemon juice, a little honey and cinnamon. To jazz it up, grate up some fresh ginger and also grate in some fresh nutmeg. Freshly grated nutmeg, is in my opinion, far more interesting than the pre-grated stuff. I had thought that was some kind of foodie myth, but one day I was at my local Asian market and saw several nutmegs in a little container for under $2 so I bought some. Now I’m a convert. Fresh ginger adds a bit of a kick to the whole business, so you have a hint of hot, a hint of sweet, a little tartness from the lemon juice and the apples and a bit of spice to enhance the fresh apple flavour.

Just one more reason I love the autumn.

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