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Everywhere, Coffee Cups

At Humber Bay, a 3 second walk from a garbage can

Everywhere I go, I see disposable coffee cups littered on the ground. Today I went for a walk through the lovely naturalized parkland at Humber Bay and picked up one from Tim Horton’s and another from Starbucks. The cup in the photo was steps from a garbage can.

What kind of selfish idiots decide to bring their take-out coffee to a place where they can enjoy a taste of nature, then toss coffee cups on the ground? I’m sure it’s the same people who toss water bottles, beer bottles, energy drink bottles, lunch wrappers and other crap on the ground. Stop it, people.

Stop it now!


    • That’s about right. I find coffee cups and plastic water bottles to be about tied around here, followed by beer cans and and other beverage cans. As Sam Smith Park, there is always a lot of litter around the parking area, in spite of plenty of garbage cans.

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