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The Nose

Quite a few years ago, on one of his occasional visits to Toronto, Chicago artsist Anthony Stagg (OK everyone just calls him Stagg, even his honey), spent an afternoon in the little backyard studio, a glorified shed I kept at the time and called The Secret Lab. After he left, I discovered various paintings and drawings left behind in there. Stagg, the Emperor of Ephemera, can be prolific.

One in particular, a head featuring a very prominent schnoz (an oil on masonite painting Stagg recently told me he didn’t remember painting), always made me smile.

Sometime this spring, this painting – Stagg didn’t title it and I like to call it The Nose – emerged from a room we keep full of paintings, when we gave it a temporary home under an umbrella out on our deck. The other day, Tuffy P was generating a “honey-do” list and declared The Nose needed to be attached to our shed door.

Today I picked up some nuts and bolts, and this afternoon, after volunteering at Tri-Hards bowling, I attached the painting to the shed door. Some people would be aghast at the idea of hanging an oil painting outdoors, but this painting seems just right out there, watching over the Imagination Stations and the birdhouses. I suspect Stagg will enjoy watching the elements slowly change the painting. Of course, in the fullness of time, he’s welcome to make adjustments to it as he sees fit.

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