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I’m back at home after a short but productive trip to Chicago on Agency Podcast business. We took full advantage of being in the same city and not only recorded our regular weekly podcast, but also produced a bonus episode, recorded in two parts.

We recorded the first part in Candy & Stagg’s living room after watching Bong Joon Ho’s 2014 film, Snowpiercer. Bong Joon Ho’s current flick, Parasite, is clearly a gateway drug – we wasted no time in finding another of his movies.

Part 2 was recorded over a tasty Thai dinner, with guests Old Time musician Steve Rosen and Chicago artist Anthony Stagg. Supper conversations are always fun and I think you will enjoy this one. We called the bonus episode: All Aboard.

I came back to Toronto with a limited quantity of fashion-forward The Agency camo trucker caps. The best way to get your hands on one of these beauties is to email The Agency, include your mailing address, and ‘splain why you need Agency SWAG. Impress us with your email pitch and we’ll send you a cap (while supplies last).

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