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Birds out back

I’ve been seeing house finches at the backyard feeders recently. Along with the blue jays, which come by from time to time, they add a shot of colour to the usual suspects at the feeders.

These shots were all taken from inside our house, from a window that overlooks the apple tree and the feeders.


  1. vintageclark

    Is the house finch population increasing after the eye disease struck them in the 1990s? We used to be awakened in the morning by nesting house finches on our balcony fuschias and then entertained for many weeks with a second family that would arrive in the other fuschia.

      • vintageclark

        I happened to meet an ornithologist who lived in the HIgh Park area back in the 90s(work related).I mentioned our house finch history (with the non-return of our nesters that year) and she told me that this was happening and that High Park had no house finches because of this eye disease that struck them. As a result Jim and I then became canary lovers to continue on with the glorious song that we had grown to love so much. We have been serenaded by Julio, Pepe, Juanito, Carlito, Solita, Pedro and Pablo since 2001. So happy to hear that they have made a comeback!!! Even though we have seen/heard only a few on our biking trips

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