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F Holes

The latest episode of The Agency podcast is called F Holes. Candy Minx and I enjoyed a conversation that ranged from jazz to design, movies to science. You can hear it here or find us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Tune-in.

Please help us crack our next milestone – 1000 downloads. Currently we’re at about 700 listens. Tell your friends and family. Please share this post or link on your page. Email us your thoughts, opinions and ideas. We love getting your emails and we might read and discuss yours on an upcoming podcast.

We often talk about books on the podcast, so I’ve started The Agency Reading List. Check it out.

Fashion-friendly The Agency camo truckers caps are now available while supplies last. If you’d like one, send us an email – be sure to include your mailing address and request a free cap.

If you think The Agency is the best thing since the invention of the wheel and you want to support this effort financially, we’d appreciate it! – but don’t worry, The Agency will always be available free. Please visit our Patreon Page: 

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