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Cabbage Magic

We don’t cook cabbage very often, but we should because it is a remarkable vegetable which can be prepared in so many ways. Last night I roasted a cabbage and it was fabulous. Here’s how I did it….

First I cut up the cabbage and roughly chopped up 3 or 4 cloves of garlic (we still have plenty of garlic from our garden last season). I added a handful of cherry tomatoes, because there they were sitting on the counter, begging to be used. I would have added an onion, but I didn’t have any. I tossed all this together with some good olive oil in a baking pan, along with salt and pepper and some Old Bay spice mix. You could use whatever herbs or spices you like. I had some stock in the fridge and poured a cup or so of it over the cabbage.

The next step is simply to slowly roast the cabbage. This has to be done at a fairly low temperature, 300F to 325F max. It’s going to take some time. Check it every half hour, and mix the cabbage about. By about an hour and a half, it’s going to begin to transform. The cabbage will begin to caramelize and change colour. At that point, I added some really excellent chunks of kielbasa to the pan. At this stage, you have to be careful not to burn the cabbage. You might want to turn the temp down a little. Check it and mix it about frequently.

Last night I cooked the cabbage until some bits were starting to stick to the pan, and some other bits were starting to crisp up a little. I served it up in bowls with the cabbage mixture and chunks of kielbasa. It was a seriously yummy dinner.


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