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Morning walk, Lambton Woods

The Humber River, Toronto

I met up with my friend Hobie this morning, for a nature walk at Lambton Woods. It turned out to be a great morning, with some sun and moderate temperatures. There were a lot of birds out this morning.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

We watched some groups of blue jays in the trees and around a feeder in the woods.

Dark-eyed junco

Other birds we saw include white-throated and house sparrows, cardinals, robins, brown creepers, a brown thrasher, downy, red-headed and red-bellied woodpeckers, starlings, mallards, golden-eyes, common merganzers, and house finches.

Downey woodpecker
House finch
Common merganzer

What a fun walk – followed up by bibimbap at Tasty Korea.

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