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Chicken Street

This evening I ventured west from the hotel to a place known as Chicken Street. I didn’t see so many tourists walking out there, although there were some Australian travelers sitting down to dinner.

Chicken Street is a small street or alley. In the evening up to about 11:00, several vendors fire up big bbqs and start grilling chicken wings, feet, and legs. They also flatten bagettes and grill them up basted with honey butter.

Other options are sweet potato fries and beer. The chicken pieces are cooked up on long skewers and the cooks turn several of them at once.

After the chicken and bread is served, somebody comes by with big scissors, pulls the chicken off the skewers, and cuts it in pieces. Dinner comes with a plate of cucumbers and a bottle of a tasty and fairly mild hot sauce.

I enjoyed a few chunky wings, a couple pieces of bread and a beer for about 6 bucks. It’s quite the place. You can smell the smoke from the bbqs as soon as you turn down the street.

Today I did a lot of walking and my feet are complaining some, but it’s great to walk. On the way back I stopped at a sidewalk cafe for a black iced coffee.

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  1. vintageclark

    Great photos and sounds like you are walking a ton and eating very well!

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