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Hanoi waking up

My sleep pattern is still a little messed up with the 12 hour time difference. Just like when Sheila and I were here 2 years ago, I awoke at 3 AM, and stayed up for half an hour before dozing off again. It was drizzling a little again this morning but not enough to dissuade me from an early morning walk in search of breakfast. Perhaps half of the eateries in and around the food alley near the hotel were open and serving.

At a corner spot steps from my hotel, a tiny sidewalk place with an awning to protect from the rain, 2 tables and the usual little plastic stools, I saw the sign I was looking for Xoi – sticky rice. I sai, xoi? The woman running the place nodded and loaded a bowl with sticky rice. She ladled some sauce from a cauldren

onto it, then pulled up a chunky piece of braised pork belly. She looked at me and I nodded. She dipped again and came out with somethin egg-shaped. I nodded again. It turned out to be a whole egg which I’m guessing had been deep-fried. I was also given a bowl of slightly pickled cucumbers, some copped chilies and a bottle of hot sauce.

This is Hanoi comfort food, delicious and filling. It was a perfect breakfast for a couple bucks.

Many of the coffee shops had yet to open but I found one a block away for my rocket fuel, strong black coffee with a bit of sugar. This place had a rooster wandering about.


  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    Wow! Wonderful photos and stories throughout these posts. You are giving us a great taste of what you are experiencing. Breakfast today looked so good; not the usual cornflakes…. i’m sure you will very soon be adjusted to the time zone difference and hope the skies soon stop with the drizzle.
    Continue to enjoy.

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