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Everything but the Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup

Tuffy P requested some soup for dinner tonight. I rummaged around through the chaos which is our fridge and found some leeks, kale, carrots, celery, a few mushrooms and some Napa cabbage. I dug out some commercial stock hiding in the back of the pantry along our last dried ancho and an onion. Perfect.

I sliced up my onions and leeks and got them gently sauteing in the pot with some Salah’s Gold olive oil, some salt and some dried herbs, while I chopped up everything else. I like to keep those leeks and onions going until they start to caramelize. Eventually I tossed in everything else, and stirred it around for a couple minutes then added my stock and some water. Last thing in was the dried ancho, which I left whole.

This soup doesn’t need to cook for a really long time – just long enough for the carrots to start to soften and the kale to cook. I like my veggies to still have some body. Yummy.

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