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I posted the other day about the book Mandatory 8 Count, which Sheila Gregory and I did together back in 1991 at a gallery called Workscene. Workscene was on Bathurst St just north of Queen. Some of you may remember it. The book was part of an exhibition we did called Knockout. Here is a snapshot Sheila came up with of part of that exhibition.

The piece in the foreground was done on a 90 pound punching bag. It’s suspended from the ceiling in the gallery. I think we still have that one in storage. The piece in the background was also exhibited at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. A fellow named Elo Jessen rigged up this tondo for us with a little motor, such that it rotated very slowly, so slowly in fact that unless you were in the gallery for a few minutes you might not notice the movement.

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