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Signs of spring in the garden

Each day more and more plants and flowers are making their first appearance of the season here at Twenty Seventh Street. The spring garden is welcome in challenging times.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    What a difference a couple of climate zones make! Im living an hour north of Toronto. Yesterday I took a drive over to a local stream to watch the spawning trout. On my way home I noticed that my neighbor’s 2 acre pond was still about 80% covered in ice. It wasnt the sort of ice you would want to walk on but it still looked a couple of inches thick. When I got home I decided to drive to my back property line. I dont get back there as much as I should because usually there is some sort of crop growing that prevents me from driving back but this year there will be a spring planted crop so I was good to go. Two take-aways. First it has been dry lately, dry enough that I could drive the half mile and not sink out of sight. That is pretty rare for this time of year. The second shouldnt have surprised me but it did. Along the property edge the cultivated land changes to fence row scruff, a mixture of assorted trees and wild shrubbery that survives because you cant actually plow right to the base of the fence. Under this scruffy vegetation was SNOW! It isnt summer here yet Toto. None of my perennial flowers are showing growth yet although some of the really hardy weeds are doing quite nicely.

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