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First Pesto of the Season

This morning I noticed that some of our garlic in the garden had started sending up scapes. I expect to see scapes on the rest of it in the coming week or so (I’ve got maybe 30 garlic plants in various areas of the front garden….last year we harvested enough for all year). We also have a clump of naturalized garlic in the garden our neighbour gave us. I had no idea anybody would grow garlic for anything but the bulbs, but he grows clumps of this stuff from which he makes delicious garlic butter. I picked the scapes and some of the young leaves from the naturalized garlic as well as some basil and oregano from the garden. My idea was to make pesto.

garlic scapes
naturalized garlic leaves
extra virgin olive oil
pine nuts
parmesan cheese
coarse sea salt

I make pesto in the normal way – that is to say I use a mortar and pestle – no food processors or blenders involved. I know some people will say, do it the modern way with a machine, silly…..but I like the old school way (yes I also bbq with charcoal instead of using a gas grill….and yes I like bamboo fly rods too).

The garlic makes for a seriously powerful (and powerfully yummy) pesto.

I think tonight some pasta, a few shrimps and some of this pesto will make a really fine dinner.

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