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Art in the Gardens

A Painter with Imagination by Scott Childs

Over the years, we’ve integrated all kinds of artwork into our gardens here at 27th Street. I love these two sculptures by Scott Childs.

Untitled Sculpture by Scott Childs

A recent addition is this sculpture by Jacob Yerex. We’ve installed it on a copper pipe previously used for a teacup bird feeder. It fits in so well in our garden.

Sculpture by Jacob Yerex
Untitled head by Anthony Stagg

Then there is this painting by Anthony Stagg, a great friend of ours who lives in Chicago. We’ve installed it on a shed in the back garden to watch over things.

Regular visitors here know that Sheila Gregory and I make mosaics for the garden. Most of the ones we do are commissions. You can see a selection of them here. We also have quite a few mosaics hanging around the house. Here are some examples.

In our world, anything can become anything. A year or two ago I made a sculpture by pairing a round unit that was part of some kind of industrial casting onto a pillar. Very recently, I added an owl. All this stuff comes from a place called Nice Old Stuff in Jarvis Ontario. We visit now and then and usually come home with a carfull of items that have sparked our imagination.

homegrown sculpture with owl

Here’s another piece cobbled together from items sourced at Nice Old Stuff.

homegrown sculpture

The bottom part of this piece is an old oxen yolk I planted in the ground and finished with some mosaic work. It has a tonka crane on top, hoisting a supernatural figure.

There is lots more art in the gardens I haven’t featured here.

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