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Jazzing up Instant Noodles

We have some instant noodles in the pantry. We don’t eat them often, but I thought in a pandemic, when you don’t want to go shopping any more than necessary, they will come in handy. This afternoon I decided to try jazzing them up a little for dinner.

I picked a spring onion and some basil from the garden and found a hot pepper in the fridge. These hot peppers are cayennes – just the perfect spiciness to be sliced up raw.

We have a bag of shrimps in the freezer. I took the shells and tails off several of them, seasoned them with cayenne and garlic, then sauteed them up. They only take a couple minutes to cook.

We usually have some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge (in our case hard-steamed eggs). There was one left so I sliced it up. I’ll have to steam up more tomorrow.

Here it is after cooking the instant noodles and assembling….

I finished it off with a squirt of hoisin sauce, just because. Very tasty.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    The ramen noodles are ok if quick is the main objective but there is a much better alternative. The asian grocers offer what they call chow mein noodles or 3 minute noodles in cello packs that are about the size of a half dozen slabs of ramen. These noodles actually take about 5 minutes to cook – so ya a bit longer than ramen – but they are a much more substantial and tasty noodle. Find a brand that actually says chow mein noodle on the bag and you will have it right and the other 7 brands that dont say chow mein noodles will be the same. You dont get the little flavor packs with these noodles so I keep some bullion powder in chicken or beef or vegetable in mason jars in the pantry. Even if I have the flavor packs from a package of ramen I usually throw them out. The healthy eating gurus say those little packs will kill you.

    • Yes, I use those too. Not just chow mein but also pho and udon etc + I also use the fresh noodles. Still, jazzed up ramen or ramyeon with the chemical pack is yummy.

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