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Community Housing

newly renovated triplex

I want to try to renovate all the bird houses around here this fall. We have several of them, mostly serving the house sparrow community (with one comfy cottage for a family of black-capped chickadees).

We bought this triplex, and it’s a good unit except it was built without consideration for cleaning out the old nests, so using a drill and jigsaw, I made rear clean-outs. This unit sits on the pole by gravity so next summer when nesting is done, I just have to take it off the pole, remove 2 screws for each apartment, and fish out the old nesting material.

Tuffy P did the paint job on this housing complex. I just put it back on the pole. House sparrows will use it for shelter and then will nest in the apartments in spring. Hopefully house sparrows enjoy polka dots.

renovated triplex (street view)

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