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Afternoon walk at Lambton Woods

It was such a lovely afternoon so we packed up the Partners and drove over to Lambton Woods for a walk along the river and through the woods. We weren’t the only people taking advantage of the unseasonably beautiful weather. There were plenty of walkers, bike riders, runners, as well as assorted groups of people sitting around in the park.

Although we had the dogs with us, we still saw an assortment of birds, such as the Great Blue Heron above.

In the woods we came across a several cedar waxwings enjoying lunch .

There was a red tail hawk circling above, hunting up some food, and as well we saw house sparrows and gulls and some blue jays as well.


    • I get that….election results were way closer than they should be, and now that clown 45 doesn’t want to concede.

      Around here the waxwings travel around in groups of 5-20. This time of year they’re enjoying the last of the berries and other fruit on the shrubs and trees. They’re one of my fave birds.

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