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An ordinary day in the park

Every day in the park is unique. Sure, there are those extraordinary days when you see unexpected birds, or many species of birds, or perhaps a coyote or a fox. Other days you might just see the usual suspects and that’s ok too.

Today we’re enjoying another beautiful autumn day. Let’s call it light jacket weather, sunny with a hint of a breeze. I should say light jacket weather for me, because I did see a fellow lying on a towel at the beach, wearing just a Speedo, and he seemed perfectly comfortable.

I love the light in the park today. Crisp and bright.

As usual, I saw half a dozen people with cameras, including a couple people in camo gear and a couple others with very, very long lenses.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    To add a little spice, whenever I see someone in camo gear I make sure to tell them that it isnt working and I can see them quite clearly.

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