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Winter Walk – Lambton Woods

I met up with Ted at the James Gardens parking lot for a winter walk through Lambton Woods, along the Humber River. It was an overcast morning, cold but not bitter cold. I wore my cleats over my boots and I’m glad I did as there were places in which the trails were ice-covered. My knee is doing quite well, but still I’m very careful not to re-injure it.

The river is very beautiful, partially ice-covered.

Usually this spot is an excellent place to see birds in winter, in part because there’s a fellow who has been feeding them in two areas for many years. Today, though, the birds were being shy.

We saw mourning doves, chickadees, cardinals, starlings and some ducks and geese, but today even the friendly chickadees were making it difficult to photograph them. Still, it was good to get out, catch up with Ted and enjoy the winter beauty along the river.

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