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COVID shopping fails

Grocery stores are making some effort to disinfect shopping carts between use, but that effort varies widely. The last time I shopped at my local No Frills (that’s Jeff, Rose and Herb’s No Frills at Lake Shore and Brown’s Line in Long Branch), the kid they’ve got disinfecting carts has abandoned all pretense of wiping them down. I expect the guy will spray the handles, then wipe them down with a disposable towel and discard the towel. The other day I was there and the guy sprayed the carts with disinfectant and just left them there dripping wet for the next customer. FAIL. BONE LAZY FAIL.

I like Asian veggies and various other specialty products I get at Grant’s market at Dixie and Bloor. My advice: don’t go there when they’re busy. I was there one afternoon and they made no effort to limit the number of people in the store. It was very busy, but they only had 3 checkouts going and there were lineups halfway up the shopping aisles. It was very difficult to shop and maintain social distancing. In fact I took to extending my arm out to keep people at least an arm’s length away from me. FAIL. Usually mornings mid-week it isn’t so busy there.

I wish these stores would make more of an effort to protect their customers during the pandemic!

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