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Free Garlic Mustard – pick your own!

Truckloads of garlic mustard, available free for the picking!

This horrible invasive weed delicious herb was brought over from Europe sometime in the 1800s. Thank you Europe! Now it can be yours. Pick all you like from our back garden. Get yours before it’s all gone.

In other news, it looks like my backyard ramps failed to come back this year. I brought a shovelful of ramps home from a place that featured both ramps and yellow morels – before it was turned into a housing development, and I planted them in a woodsy area in our backyard. This was several years ago. Each year they would come back and I would harvest just enough for one meal. They never took off back there but they did reliably return each year – until this year that is.

Out front, I have lettuce, chard, scallions, Chinese broccoli and bok choy growing already in containers and everything seems to be starting out OK.

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