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Dehydrating Pineapple

I’m planning a canoe trip this summer with my buddy East Texas Red – assuming the province actually opens up for some travel. In Quetico, cans and bottles are not allowed and weight is an issue for portaging, so I’ve started to dehydrate some food for the trip. The couple who run the Lost Lakes YouTube channel recommend dehydrated pineapple as being particularly delicious, so I cut one up, loaded it in my handy dehydrator, turned it on and waited.

dehydrating pineapple

The result is a chewy treat with an intense and very delicious pineapple taste. I wasn’t sure how big to cut the pieces. I made the thickness about half a cm and tried various widths. In my opinion the larger chunks are better – each piece is more satisfying.

Regular readers may remember I made some jerky a while ago with the same trip in mind. Unfortunately the jerky didn’t last long around here. I don’t think this batch of pineapple will either. No worries, I’ll make more of each.

I’m also going to dehydrate onions, mushrooms and peppers, and ground beef as well. Apparently it’s easy to dehydrate pasta sauce too. That should be interesting. We’ll bring along some summer sausage and kielbasa too, both of which should be fine for a few days in the woods. Cheese will keep fine too. Add pasta and ramen and some flaked mashed potatoes along with fresh caught fish and we’ll eat well.

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