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The robins alerted us that the Saskatoons (AKA Serviceberries) on the big bush out front are ripening. One at a time they fly in, land on a branch, pull a berry off the stem and fly off. Those birds know a good thing when it presents itself.

Saskatoon biscuits

I don’t mind sharing with the robins. There are plenty to go around. I picked a bowl this morning and whipped up the first Saskatoon biscuits of the season. We’ll also enjoy them with morning cereal over the next week or two.

There are different varieties of Serviceberry and some have better berries than others. I’m not sure which variety we have out front but I can say the berries are great! They are super-easy to grow and they are not fussy plants.

Not long after the Saskatoons are finished, the blackberries will start ripening out back. This season that plant has grown significantly and it’s starting a very heavy fruiting. Little things like picking berries for breakfast or lettuce and chard and kale and onions and herbs and tomatoes for a salad make me very happy.

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