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The robins alerted us that the Saskatoons (AKA Serviceberries) on the big bush out front are ripening. One at a time they fly in, land on a branch, pull a berry off the stem and fly off. Those birds know a good thing when it… Read More

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In the Belly of my Brother

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is now available. Listen here or find us in all the good podcast places. This week’s gumbo includes: frittatas, serviceberries, life after death, neo-noir and an uncle named Frank in New York. Please join us. We love to… Read More

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Do you call them Saskatoons or Serviceberries? Either way they’re delicious. We have a bush in the front garden and today was my first berry-picking of the season. Judging from the number of berries on the bush, I’d say I’ll get at about 2 weeks… Read More