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Amazon Fail

What’s going on with Amazon? Recently 3 items I’ve ordered through them have disappeared. They have not been delivered and Amazon has been unable to tell me where they might be. With the shipper? Sitting in a warehouse? Lost or stolen? Who knows? I’ve had to ask for a refund 3 times. They offered to send out another item which might arrive in 3-5 days but having already waited several days past the date they committed to deliver, I’ve opted to simply get my money back. I expected a sense of urgency from their customer service. I had hoped they might say, OK we have another item in a nearby warehouse and we’ll have it on a truck for delivery tomorrow morning, but no, no, no. 3-5 days to deliver another item or 3-5 days to process a refund.

I feel I can no longer rely on Amazon to deliver reliably and on time.


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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    I dont order a whole lot from Amazon but I know that the Woohoo Flu has had an impact on their business. Whole distribution centers have been forced to close because of the covid thing and other centers have experienced serious staff shortages. They seem to be having issues with the delivery contractors as well. I received a package today that was delivered by an outfit I had never even heard of before and they just left the package on the hood of my car about 25 yards from my front door. I wasnt amused by that but at least the package got delivered. Im inclined too cut them some slack at least for a while given all the issues they have to work through with the plague. The government isnt helping much either with the way they are tossing around cash for folks who arent working.

    In my opinion a much worse issue is the price gouging that is happening in many sectors of the economy. One of the most obvious areas of suspicion is the grocery business. A quick look at the financial results for the Loblaws chain shows that the profitability compared to same quarter last year more than doubled. Yes more than doubled. When I see that it inspires me to shop somewhere else. This week Food Basics will get my business. Next week? who knows. I plan to keep moving my business until I see one of these retailers quit with the fancy pricing. I know, I know, me moving my business around isnt going to be even noticed but you have to start somewhere and maybe a million other shoppers will put some thought into where they shop and why they shop there.

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