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From the garden this morning

Our garden has been so generous this year. Unlike in much of the country, we’ve had plenty of regular rainfall in Southern Ontario this season and I think that has helped a lot. Each morning I go out and pick what is ripe. At this time tomatoes have been ripening faster than we can eat them, and with 1 or 2 zucchini each day, so are they. One of our 2 zucchini plants has died off but the other one is in great shape and producing well. It seems the zucchinis do better growing in the ground than in containers. Good to know for next year.

After the Saskatoon berries finished, the blackberries started and I’ve been picking them daily. The past few days we’ve shared berries with friends as there are so many more than we can eat. We’ve been sharing tomatoes and zucchini too.

Lettuce is pretty much done. Maybe I’ll grow some fall lettuce. There is still kale and chard, but not so much we aren’t on top of it. Herbs have been great but some want to go to seed now. I’ve clipped any buds off the basil to keep it going a while longer. There are plenty of hot chilies this year of various varieties plus we’ve had some nice poblanos.

Most years the Sungold tomatoes, which are wonderful cherries, are our most prolific tomatoes. This year they have been just so-so, but the other varieties have stepped up and I’ll go so far as to say this is the best year we’ve had for tomatoes since we started growing them in containers up front.

I think I’ll go make a tomato sandwich.

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