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Turtle River Provincial Park

With Quetico out of action due to the forest fire situation, we’re looking at a couple possible canoe routes in Turtle River Provincial Park. East Texas Red has got us some topo maps and we’ve narrowed it down to a couple routes. One is more or less a there and back route with 2 small loops for variety. The other, which requires a shuttle, is a full loop. Both are very interesting routes with plenty of variety – river, including rapids and falls, small lakes and big lakes. As well, on either route, we can stop to see White Otter Castle.

White Otter Castle is a structure built by a guy named Jimmy McOuat on White Otter Lake. Back in the early 1900s, this character built a 3-story log castle. It seems Jimmy lived the hermit life but planned to get married and built the structure so his bride would have a great place to live. Sadly, she didn’t show and he had it to himself. An organization called Friends of White Otter Castle restored the building some and visitors can stop by there in the middle of nowhere to visit Jimmy’s building.

We plan to be in Atikokan Sunday evening and we’ll be on the water after breakfast Monday morning.

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