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Hazy Afternoon

We rolled into the place we’re staying near Atikokan mid-afternoon. They are providing a place to sleep overnight and breakfast in the morning as well as a 17’ canoe for our week in the bush. It’s a little hazy here from the various fires in Quetico and west of here in Atikokan, it is even hazier.

Hazy in Atikokan

Not much doing in town on a Sunday afternoon. We settled for subs from a donut shop on the outskirts of town for dinner, and they were pretty good. The temps have cooled down and there is a good breeze. Tomorrow morning, after a good night’s sleep, we start our canoe trip.


  1. Blast from the past. It’s ages since I’ve seen a business call itself a “Variety Store,” and now I’m flashing back to the one called “Bruce Variety” that was a feature of my childhood, I can see the orange letters of their big sign, and I’m scratching to remember its location along the main commercial street in the south end of my home county (I still live onle a five minute walk away).

    We had a coupld of days when the smoke cloud from California made its way intact all the way here to D.C., and the sky was only a little less hazy than that. Our eyes stung.

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